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LBCH Chapter 1 Presentation Notes

Posted by [email protected] on November 5, 2013 at 12:50 AM

How to start:

-keeping a journal of anytime you think of an idea, for possible use in future

observing your surroundings

-free writing

-writing into a subject

-try invisible writing technique

-focused freewriting



-asking questions

-Remember when writing






Two main operations of shaping material




-be focused on and controlled by main idea

-develop and shape the idea as you write and learn more info


-general and specific ideas and how they're ordered

-watch the relationship between ideas

-schemes for essays


-unity and coherence (ideas flow in a natural order)

Schemes for organization

-spatial: person, place, or thing, move through space systematically

-chronological: recounting a sequence of events, arrange event s in order of when they happened

-specific to general: first provide support than draw a conclusion


-tree diagram


-starting to draft

-read over what youve writtin

-free write

-skip opening and start in middle

write about what you understand best

maintain momentum when writing

-set aside enough time for yourself

-work in a quiet place

-be fluid

-keep going



-read drat slowely and think about what is being said

-read as if you've never seen the piece before

-have other revise your work

-read it out loud

-on a computer

-don't rely on spell checker to fix all mistakes

-work on a double spaced copy

-use find command to locate and correct your common problems

Developing Paragraphs

1. narration

2. description

3. illusrtation or support

4. definition

5. division or analysis

6. classification

7. comparison and contrast

8. cause and effect analysis

9. process analysis

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